Transcription Hacks

8 vital transcription hacks that you need to be taking advantage of!

It is easy to visualize the multiple benefits of transcription products, namely having the options to scale your content without having to do significant additional work. Marketing & Advertising: For instance, it could help with advertising and marketing leads when you ultimately use the transcribed text content into blogs, articles, online books, PDFs, etc.  Online […]

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Transcription – Dying, Surviving, or Thriving? – Part 1

“I work in the transcription industry.”  Standard, templated response when you enquire someone as to what they do for a living, and if they happen to be a transcriptionist. Industry?  How so?  The word “industry” is defined as, economic activity dealing with processing of raw materials and manufacture of products in factories. With rapid shrinking […]

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Transcription – Dying, Surviving, or Thriving? – Part 2

From the management’s perspective, let’s list out the advantages of non-medical transcription, which is simply anything other than medical transcription. Reduced learning curve — Medical transcription training requires not just good keyboard skills but also savvy medical systems’ knowledge and formats, protocols, client specifications, HIPAA rules, etc. None of that is needed in GT or […]

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