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internet of things

Internet of Things (IOT) and IOT based systems development projects:

internet of things

The possibilities of Internet of Things (IOT) are perceived to be boundless, with scientists and engineers predicting that in a not-so-distant future it will change how we live our lives. Essentially, this is a giant network of connected devices, although its concept also has useful application in “people-to-people” and “people-thing” relationship.

While still in its early stage, the impact of IOT based systems can already be felt in everyday living. For instance, when we use traffic update app on our phone it gives us relevant info—e.g., accident, roadwork, and traffic congestion—and provides us alternative routes so we can reach our destination in the shortest time possible.

The real-time traffic updates have become possible thanks to the information provided by other app users.Because of the potential of IOT in improving our lives, a growing number of engineers and scientists are now focusing on IOT based systems developed projects, particularly on how to make home “smarter.”

Automation is one of the key aspects of smart homes. With IOT based systems, home appliances will function in the most efficient manner, taking into account the tenants “predictable” schedule and lifestyle. For instance, the coffee maker will start brewing at 5:45 am after being notified by the user’s alarm clock.The concept of IOT is applicable to a larger scale such as transportation networks and even cities. The core principle of smart cities is to reduce waste and improve energy use at the same time.

Despite the gamut of benefits, IOT based systems all face an inevitable problem: security threat. This issue is hard to ignore especially now that cyber criminals are finding new and ingenious ways to stay on top of the game.Not with standing the challenges of IOT, we should embrace its potential but at the same time keep our guard up—i.e., address possible glitches even before they arise—in order to reap its full benefits.