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Business Transcription

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Accurate Meeting Records:

Business transcriptions are crucial for accurately capturing the discussions and decisions made during meetings, conferences, or brainstorming sessions. By converting audio or video recordings into written text, business transcriptions provide a comprehensive and reliable record of important information, action items, and follow-ups.

Enhanced Accessibility :

Transcribing business-related content makes it easily accessible and searchable. Instead of sifting through hours of audio or video recordings, employees can refer to the transcriptions to find specific information quickly. This accessibility aids in research, preparing reports, and extracting valuable insights from past business discussions, enabling better decision-making and informed strategies.

Compliance Documentation :

In many industries, businesses must comply with legal requirements, regulations, and industry standards. Transcribing legal meetings, contract negotiations, or other business-related interactions ensures the creation of legally binding documentation.

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1. One EIS project manager assigned to your project – from start to finish – from 8 am to 8 pm! Exclusive & single-point contact for all relevant assistance for 12 hours during the day.

2. 24x7 Support. On-call EIS on standby for technical assistance during nighttime & weekends.

3. Dedicated transcription team for each project. NO mix-up with other work until project closure.

4. Quality Audit department constituted by highly qualified financial experts such as chartered accountants, investment consultants, business analysts, etcetera.

5. Absolute flexibility! Businesses have demanded a wide variety of documents and we have delivered them all – as simple transcripts, as “true verbatim” reports, as edited summaries, as time-coded & bulleted transcripts, and even as Excel spreadsheets!

Trust EIS for your legal transcription needs, as we deliver precise and reliable transcriptions that uphold the integrity and confidentiality of your legal documents.

Meetings are standard, day-to- day practice in any business entity. Any number of reasons why a meeting could happen – group discussions, brainstorming sessions, training sessions, seminars, workshops, feedback sessions, board meetings, annual meetings, press meets/conferences, candidate & HR interviews, business presentations, question-and- answer sessions, webcasts, webinars, teleconferences, etc.

Recording accurate Minutes Of Meetings is something that has become an integral and vital tool for businesses of all sizes & shapes in order to ensure all relevant stakeholders are well informed & updated of important meetings & decisions in their organization. Minutes of meetings document a number of items including the main discussion points, action plans, owners or agents of those action plans, milestones, and deadlines.

Note-taking and accurately recording the minutes is a tough task & often one gets overwhelmed, especially in large meetings when the conversations jump quickly from one topic to another or become heated, or usually because multiple people are talking at the same time. The probability of missing out on discussion threads is always high when note-taking is done manually or assigned to just one or two people, which is usually the case in most businesses.

This is where EIS expertise comes in handy. Get in touch with us for a quick, precise & affordable transcription service that has the excellence, expertise, and experience to handle all your business documentation needs – from the mundane to the critical.

EIS specializes in comprehensive media transcription services, providing accurate and efficient transcriptions for a wide range of media content, including interviews, podcasts, and video recordings.


Business Transcription Questions

1What is business transcription, and how does it benefit my organization?

Business transcription involves converting audio or video recordings of business-related content, such as meetings, interviews, conferences, or presentations, into written text. This process benefits your organization by providing accurate records of important discussions, aiding in communication, improving accessibility to information, supporting decision-making, and ensuring compliance with legal and regulatory requirements.

2How accurate are business transcription services?

Reputable business transcription services strive for high levels of accuracy. Professional transcriptionists are trained to transcribe audio content verbatim, capturing every spoken word, and they pay close attention to details. While no transcription is entirely error-free, choosing a reliable service ensures the transcription meets industry standards and maintains data integrity.

3Is my business data secure when using transcription services?

Yes, reputable business transcription services prioritize data security and confidentiality. They often implement strict measures to safeguard your business data, such as secure file transfer protocols, encrypted storage, and confidentiality agreements with their transcriptionists.

4How long does it take to transcribe business content?

The turnaround time for business transcriptions can vary based on the length of the audio or video, the complexity of the content, and the service provider's workload. Some services offer expedited options for faster delivery, while others may have standard turnaround times ranging from a few hours to a few days.