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Textbook definition ac - a - de - mi - a (ak'∂-de'me-∂,-da'-) n.

The academic community; academe.

Top 3 reasons why EIS is the chosen one

1.Renowned lightning fast delivery & least expensive among all.

2.Special discounts & offers for students & scholars all through the year.

3.Pinpoint accuracy for interviews, lectures, podcasts, group discussions, research materials, thesis presentations, etcetera.

The backbone of our organization is the academic world, out of which students form a large part. Each person in our team, having been a student at one point in time in their lives & having gone through the demands, expectations & the stress of the American Education System firsthand, know full well what it takes to prepare for a presentation, or to be a teacher's assistant, or to submit your thesis, or to even simply just catch up to classroom lectures &take notes & prep up for exams.


But hey! Members of faculty & ther academic administrators need not feel left out!

We at EIS have put together a hassle-free and easy-to-use transcription program to immediately cater to your ever-urgent needs, that's not only very light on your wallet but also extremely accurate.The transcripts you receive will capture everything that you wanted to and will free up your time & allow you to concentrate on more rewarding activities at school and outside.

How do we achieve this?

Our USP is that our team consists of both in-house and on-call professionals from the following academia – STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics), Medicine, Law, Architecture, Arts, Literature, Sports, among others.

Some of our transcribers & most of our Quality Analysts are serving as well as retired lecturers & professors themselves, from various reputed universities across America.

They empower us with the knowledge and skill sets that’s unmatched by anyone else!

Here’s a list of some common academic activities that we have strong transcription experience in

  • Class Lectures
  • Interviews & Group Discussions
  • Podcasts
  • Dissertations
  • Conferences & Meetings
  • Post-Grad & Doctoral Research
  • Grad & Post-Grad Workshops

(We can also take up any other requirements from the student & teaching communities.)

Research Interview Transcription

Selecting formatting options for your transcript can be quite daunting, especially if you are having your audio files transcribed for the first time professionally. We believe many researchers may require unusual formatting or custom-made templates specific to their unique needs or even the requirements of qualitative analysis software

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Dissertation Transcription

Good dissertations generally are not just a compilation of research notes and findings but also contain scholastic inputs by the author. When dissertation transcend from being just a bunch of copied and collated findings to a well-analyzed description of the subject being discussed, the authors are always recognized & rewarded by their universities

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One-On-One Interview Transcription

One-on-one interview signifies when one individual interviewing another, usually a sit-down interview & face to face, or sometimes a telephonic interview. The common type of interviews which fall under one-on-one interviews are job interviews, interviews with sport stars, celebrities, politicians, etc

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Focus/Group Discussion Transcription

Wikipedia says that a Focus Group is a form of qualitative research where a group of people answer questions about their opinions, attitudes, beliefs and perceptions towards an idea, product, concept, service, advertisement or packaging

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