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Wikipedia says that a Focus Group is a form of qualitative research where a group of people answer questions about their attitudes, opinions, beliefs and perceptions towards an idea, concept, product, service, advertisement or packaging. In an interactive group setting participants are asked questions and they are free to talk with other group members. Focus Group transcription services are usually offered for university students, paralegals & attorneys, real estate management professionals, medical professionals, scientists, market researchers, etc.

Please see below for the broad types of focus group transcription that we have handled so far for our clients:
  • 1.Focus group technical discussion transcription
  • 2.Roundtable discussion transcription
  • 3.Administrative and team meeting transcription
  • 4.Generic Group Discussion transcription
  • 5.Strategic planning & analysis transcription
  • 6.Brainstorming session transcription
  • 7.Pre-sales & advertising meeting transcription
  • 8.Market research and survey transcription
  • 9.Board meeting & staff meeting transcription

In addition to the above, we have worked on Group Discussion Transcription projects that have been highly technical and academic for university researchers, doctoral students, lecturers’ conferences & other academic conferences, department specific seminars, and a wide variety of discussions held in schools, colleges, universities, technical training institutes, etc.

The main differentiating factor between EXPERT and other transcription service providers is that we employ subject matter experts & professionals from the academia as consultants to assist our transcription team in achieving perfection in documentation, by deploying their vast knowledge and experience in relevant fields in addition to our transcribers’ own technical and transcription expertise. We only utilize certified academic transcription professionals that have the relevant knowledge base and a broad range of academic vocabulary to accomplish highest levels of accuracy in academic group discussion transcripts. While we are aware that Group Discussions & especially Focus Group Discussions are events where speakers usually use specialized terminology, with our well-trained pool of transcriptionists and academic professionals we can guarantee 99%+ accuracy in our finished transcription products on a consistent basis.

The main challenge that transcribers face in transcribing content from Group Discussion audio or video recordings is that there are several speakers and some of them often speak simultaneously. Identification of Group Discussion and Focus Group participants is very important in order to precisely document not just what was said, but also who said what. In order to achieve higher accuracy, we request our clients to provide us with the speakers’ names before initiation of transcription project. Also, any handout copies, meeting minutes, course syllabus, presentation slides or other material that could have been used during the Group Discussion would assist as reference material for our transcription team.

Please visit our Transcription page to learn more about what file types & formats we handle. If the Group Discussion has been video recorded, it will be easier to visually differentiate speakers and to precisely identify them in the Group Discussion transcript. We use Clean Verbatim Transcription as the default transcription format for group discussions. But based on specific requests of our clients, we also offer the following services – True Verbatim Transcription, Edited Text Transcription, Summarization Transcripts, and Custom Formatted Transcription. We would request you to please specify your formatting requirements upfront, so that it could be fully incorporated in the final transcript.

In addition to the above, EXPERT also offers transcription of group discussions and focus group meetings through webinars, podcasts, or webcasts. There is a huge recognition of the power and simplicity of webcasting in broadcasting conferences, live debates, as well as in conducting remote live or recorded teaching sessions to impart training lessons to students. Companies around the world are increasingly using webinars to conduct daily business, conferences, team meetings and for strategizing. Their demands for documentation & followup are also varied.

To keep up with our clients’ requirements, EXPERT also offers Excerpts Transcription, which is summarization of the content, either in plain text or in bullet points. This could be done separately or as an additional service to the standard full transcript based on the customer’s preference, which is then uploaded to a client specified website that hosts the audio or video recording. Depending on our client’s needs, we also offer subtitling or captioning of the embedded webcast or webinar, which will immensely help our clients in generating more interest & understanding of content among the visitors.