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While movies and TV programs often portray court roomproceedings as emotionally charged, colorful, and glamorous events, the truth is they mainly consists of long, monotonous testimonies. Furthermore, hardly any member of the public is there to make a noise, much less a pandemonium.

    Learning the entities that play the most important roles in court proceedings can give you a more “realistic” picture.
  • Lawyers
  • Their main task is to present facts that can help their clients win their case, or at least put it in the most favorable light. Sometimes they are also referred to as private attorneys, prosecutors (government’s lawyer), and public defender (court-appointed lawyer).

  • Judge
  • He or she presides over court room proceedings, ensures that order is maintained, gives instructions to the jury, determines whether the evidence is proper, and gives sentence.

  • Parties
  • They are entities or people directly involved in a lawsuit; they are either plaintiffs or defendants.

  • Jury
  • The main task of jurorsis to decide which party is telling the truth.

  • Court reporters
  • They record every thing being said and produce a transcript of the court roomproceedings. They may also be asked to produce electronic sound recordings.